Privacy Policy

Castillo del Titicaca will use the personal information provided by the users on a voluntary basis, which will be stored in a database for the internal control of message handling, shopping tracking and user subscription.

Said information will be sent by the users only through the channels enabled for this purpose, such as message forms, purchase forms or subscription forms, for which the user accepts the present privacy policy. Sometimes there are mandatory data in order to properly identify the user, as well as obtain the necessary data to establish an adequate communication with the same and the referral of products to a specific physical address.

The personal information of users will be used for statistical, commercial and advertising purposes, as well as to improve the content of the Website.

The emails provided will be used to send messages of content that may be of specific interest to visitors such as products, services, promotions, offers, updates, surveys and other related to the Website. These Mailing messages may be sent directly by the administration of the Website or through companies through which Castillo del Titicaca makes the shipment.

Users who wish to stop receiving information and messages from Castillo del Titicaca in their email, may cancel the subscription through the channels enabled for this purpose so that it is excluded from the list of contacts.

In the same way, if the cancellation of the subscription has been made, users who wish to do so may renew the subscription by sending their email through the channels enabled for that purpose.

The data administered by Castillo del Titicaca, will not be shared with third parties, and those who have access to such information directly or indirectly, should treat and maintain with the same reservation and confidentiality with which Castillo del Titicaca uses them, so that Limits the responsibility for the use of unauthorized data through third parties.

The database of Castillo del Titicaca, is constantly updated, so that users may request or update the personal information provided if they wish.

The Website will use statistical information such as gender, age, location, devices and others, with the sole purpose of improving the content of the Website and optimizing the advertisements.